Cap - American Needle Tamo Shanter Sinclair (navy)

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Product Description:

Founded in 1918 as an importer of sewing needles, American Needle has developed over four generations into a world leader in the manufacture of headgear. The family-owned company developed rapidly and soon switched to the production of hats and caps that have a long tradition back in time. The factory, located on the north side of Chicago, employed skilled tailors, pattern makers, sewing machine operators and seamstresses. Their passion was to make new hat styles for new markets.

In 1946, the American Needle approached the Chicago Cubs with an idea to sell baseball caps that players wore on the field to fans. The Cubs agreed to the proposal, although it was with some hesitation and concern about how the sale would go. "Who would want to buy the hats that the players wear?" was something that came from the then owners of the team. 

But it turned out that the concern was completely unfounded, the first batch of Cubs hats sold out in one day and a second round sold out even faster. On this success, the American Needle would soon begin supplying caps to all major nationwide sports teams for years to come.

Today, American Needle is a fourth-generation family business that continues to lead the industry with products admired by customers around the world.


Detailed information:

  • One Size
  • Adjustable at the back of the cap

Made of: Cotton / Polyester

Size guide: One size fits all

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