About Hatroom.eu

Hatroom.eu is part of Cama-Gruppen AB, which was founded in Gothenburg in 2008.

Hatroom.eu was released in 2012 and has since grown rapidly - today hatroom.eu has one of Europes largest selection of hats.

Hatroom's philosophy

Hatroom's philosophy is to give you as a customer trendy hats, stylish hats, elegant hats, classic hats, lovely hats. When you as a customer find a hat that you want, it will of course be quick to also get it home. Everything you see on the website should also be available (exceptions can sometimes occur) and therefore be sent within 24 hours. It should be fun, safe and quick to shop at Hatroom.eu.

Hatroom's concept

Hatroom offers a wide and varied range where all customers should be given as much chance as possible to find the right hat. Our buyers are careful to listen to what our clientele demands, our focus is always on satisfying several tastes and needs.

Quality at Hatroom.eu

Hatroom.eu cooperates with the big brands in the industry, where quality is always a guiding principle.

Shop at Hatroom.eu

At Hatroom.eu you shop safely and securely, either by card, bank payment or invoice.

At hatroom.eu there are no hidden fees. The price of the hat is also the final price for the entire order. Whether you regret your purchase when you got your hat home. It is always free shipping and free return when you shop at hatroom.eu.

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