Hats - Jacaru Banjo (black)

Australia is a country like no other.

Welcome to the country where dreams begin, where the white cockatoo’s cry is heard every morning and kangaroos spring into the orange sunset’s vibrant rays.

Endless Horizons, dense tropical rainforest, red, dry earth and a sun-drenched coastline that stretches as far as the eye can see.

Founded in 1969, Jacaru hats reflect the soul of Australia - Wild, untameable, strong and courageous!

Detailed information:

  • 10 centimetres crown.

  • 7,5 centimetres brim.

  • Made of: 100 percent leather.

Made of: 100 percent leather.

Size guide: Medium - 55-56 cm. Large - 57-58 cm. X-Large - 59-60 cm. XX-Large - 61-62 cm


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