Italian Borsalino - considered by many to be the world's top hat - are known for their authentic Panama hats and premium felt hats in real rabbit fur. A genuine Borsalino felt hat is very light and soft, undergoes over 50 different production phases and takes over seven weeks to create. A genuine Panama hat from Borsalino can take up to six months to make and receive its world-renowned quality and shape through manufacturing in Ecuador using plant fibres from the Toquilla palm.

Borsalino through history.

Giuseppe Borsalino started the family business in 1857 in the Italian town of Alessandria and the company quickly became known for its design and quality. The peak was reached in 1930, when Italians who had emigrated to the United States started buying expensive Borsalino hats as a prestige accessory that showed their success. In recent years, celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, Justin Timberlake, Denzel Washington, Kate Moss and Nicole Kidman have worn Borsalino hats in public and further reinforced the image of Borsalino hats as the most prestigious hat to wear. ship your Borsalino within 24hrs.

All Borsalino hats are always in stock at our warehouse and will be shipped within 24 hours on working days (if you order before 14:00 the items will be sent the same day).

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