Flat caps

A flat cap (often referred to as an “old man cap”, but also called scally cap, ivy cap or golf cap) is a very popular form of headgear in 2020, but which has a long history. They were worn as early as the 1300s in northern England and southern Italy. The flat cap’s big break came in England and Ireland during the 1800 and 1900s, when some type of headgear was necessary for men. Flat cap were then worn by most men. As the British and Irish emigrated to the US in the late 1800s, the flat cap spread and became popular even on the other side of the Atlantic. In fact, in Boston, where many Irish emigrated, the flat cap is still more common than in other parts of the USA.

Flat caps in the 2000s.

Flat caps had a huge boost in the 2000s, particularly in recent years. Celebrities like David Beckham, Guy Ritchie, Samuel L. Jackson, Harry Styles and especially Charles, the Prince of Wales, can frequently be seen wearing a flat cap.

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