Gårda Hats of Sweden

In Garda - Gothenburg’s old textile and factory quarter - an idea to resume the hat production that once imprinted the neighborhood. Some centuries ago scotch, dutch and english businessmen and skilled craftsmen imprinted the manufacturing and production in this part of town. It is no longer possible to produce the hats in central Gothenburg, as they did a few centuries ago, but we can be inspired, fascinated and rapt by the design and innovation in the vibrating craft that imprinted the area then. And we bring that with us when we today, 200 years later, visit our friends and producers of genuine Panama hats in the far west - the South American Ecuador - or to the unlimited artsy Japan in the far east. We want EVERYONE - just like in Garda in the 19th and 20th century - to be able to wear modern, unique, innovative hats for a really good price. Created on the same premisses as when people from all over Europe converged in Gothenburg a couple of hundred years ago.

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