Since its inception in Hamburg almost 200 years ago, the German brand Wegener has produced hats for fashionable hat shops across Europe. Wegener manufacture everything; straw hats, felt hats, top hats, western hats, flat caps and more. With the right quality and at the right price, Wegener is today one of the best-selling hat brands in Europe.

From Ferdinand to Hans Wegener.

It would not be an exaggeration to call Wegener a family business. Since the time when Ferdinand Wegener started hat-making in Hamburg in 1816 to the current time when Hans Wegener leads the company, it is Wegener family members who have managed this historic hat-supplier!

Immediate delivery and free shipping.

All of Wegener’s hats and flat caps are available in Hatroom’s warehouse and will be sent immediately after your order, as usual with free shipping.


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