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The bowler hat (or derby hat) is one of the most popular hats, both historically and still today. A bowler hat has a hard rounded crown, originally developed in the mid-1800s for British soldiers. The bowler hat quickly gained a foothold in England, even outside the army and was popular among the working class in the second half of the 1800s. It later also gained a lot of ground among the middle and upper classes.

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A genuine bowler is made of rabbit fur or fine lambswool. is able to offer genuine high quality bowler hats from the British brand Jaxon at very affordable prices.

Free shipping and fast delivery of all bowler hats. generally has all sizes in stock and can therefore ship your hat immediately (within 24 hours). In the few cases that a size is out of stock, this will be stated when you select the size. In these cases the delivery time is also given (a maximum of seven days when the size is not in stock).
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