Panama Hats

A Panama Hat - the most exclusive hat of all straw hats. Hatshop’s Panama hats are made by Mayser, MJM and Stetson, whose panama hats are made in the traditional way in Ecuador. A panama hat is woven by hand from jipijapa palm fibres and may take several weeks to make.

A real Panama hat - a long-term guest.

Genuine Panama Hats have always been manufactured in Ecuador. The name Panama hat originated late 1830s from the Panama isthmus - the thin strip of land that separates the Atlantic from the Pacific and the USA from South America - when it was the water that the hat was shipped through. With an Ecuadorian Panama hat on your head, you can protect yourself from the sun with style and class.

Your Panama hat will be sent within 24 hours.

All Panama hats are in stock and will be shipped the same day if you order before 14:00 on weekdays. You order your hat securely and with free shipping at

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