A sun hat is a natural way to protect yourself against the sun. Hatroom’s brands - such as Stetson, Jaxon, Mayser, Wegener, Brixton and others - know how to combine utility with style. Our range includes sunhats such as Trilbies, Fedoras, bucket hats and Pork Pie hats. Hatroom offer UV-safe sun hats in both cotton and straw.

Your sun hat will be sent from Hatroom within 24 hours.

When you order before 14:00, Monday to Friday, your sun hat will be sent on the same day and delivered the following day. As usual when buying from Hatroom you get free shipping on sunhats too.

Sunhats for holidays?

Cotton sun hats are perfect to pack in your bag or jacket pocket when it is time for holidays - they are foldable and indestructible. Straw hats can of course be packed in your suitcase, but should be packed with more care.

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